Digital Coating Thickness Gauge-Model TT 211

Digital Coating Thickness Gauge-Model TT 211

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Digital Coating Thickness Gauge

Model TT 211 ( Time Group )


Features :

  • Economical model with F probe integrated
  • Single point measurement mode
  • Easy calibration on zero point
  • 3 kinds of adjustable resolution for different application

Technical Details :
Probe types F
Measuring methods magnetic induction
Measuring range 0 to 1250µm
Display resolution 1µm 5µm 10µm
Tolerance ± (3%H+1) ± (3%H+1.5) ± (3%H+10)
H means the thickness of tested piece
Measuring condition Min. curvature radius (mm) Convexity 1.5
Min. testing area diameter (mm) Ø7
Critical thickness of substrate (mm) 0.5
Power supply Battery AAA (2pcs)
Working Temperature 0-40oC
Dimensions 110mmx50mmx23mm
Weight 100g